Keep that weight

Are you one of those that have tried lot's of different ways to lose weight but with no luck? Do you still want to lose a kilo or two? Keep track of your weight and your exercises here. Share it with your friends, and compare it to others in teams. Shame is a good motivation!

Track your weight

Log in and add your weight every morning.

Bring it everywhere

Check your and your friends' progress at any time.


Encourage your friends with comments and messages.

Analyze your data

Graph your data, and compare it with others.

Many teams available

You can join and keep track of yourself, without being in a team. You can also be member of one or more teams.

Lose and keep your weight

Once that excessive weight is gone, or you finally gained enough weight to make you happy, you should keep it that way.



We are the elephants!

Team Ann

How hard can it be?

Team Sj�blom o Momkvist

Two is more than one!

Team Lars

I am Lars, just Lars!

Team Accarda

Losing weight is also work!

N�e T�ljeblad

Fettet ut - vettet in!



Italian Wedding

Soon ready to go!